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Watching, Sharing And Earning

Watching Sharing And, Earning

— Joana Williams Founder Finaxo

What we do

Watching,Sharing And Earning

Earn by completing simple tasks from the comfort of your home. Earn bonuses and participate on our weekly task. .

Feel free to join Add Work, members from all countries are allowed. Registration Free add Work subscription is 50$ !

At Add Work you can earn by completing simple tasks like viewing advertisements, referring new members and completing offers.

Cashout your earnings to Bitcoin wallet. The minimum to cashout is just $10.

Share Add work with your friends and watch your earnings grow. You will earn more bonus of what your referrals make!

What we'll do

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What we'll do

Why Add Work Limited?

Add Work run ads online to promote your products, services, business, or create brand awareness, you’re engaging in online advertising. Digital advertising is just one part of your marketing mix. You need it the at promotion stage to inform target audience about your products and services.

Because Google is a search engine, people start there when they're looking for information. So it's a lot like the Yellow Pages. To drive traffic through Google, you'll bid on keywords that will help people find you and can lead to an ideal sales conversation.
Scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed is a bit like driving down the highway. Because it's a social platform, and because they collect data on our behavior every day, they know a lot about us. All that data makes them the most powerful ad platform available today. Target your ads precisely enough, and you're sure to get the right eyeballs on your message.
YouTube's top metric is the number of minutes watched. Their goal is to keep you on the site consuming videos, so they operate a lot like traditional television, playing ads in the videos, interrupting people's viewing.

Facebook, Google, and YouTube: All three will give you quality traffic from people who are interested in your offers.